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Let Software Do the Heavy Lifting

Stop! Don't needlessly squander another night processing documents, hunting for signatures, or supplying invoices. Let HVAC software tackle these challenges for you. After you've obtained your client's signature in iFleet, the job is automatically inducted into Smart Service. From there, accessing a client's service record is a piece of cake. At a glance, be certain of all past work finished for a client, which technician handled these project, which gear was serviced, and more. This HVAC software effectively puts a filing cabinet in the palm of your hand!

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When an employee arrives at a work site merely to ascertain that extra work (beyond their original requirement) has to be performed, line items are easily attached to the existing work order. Back at the office, the corresponding files will automatically change to show these addendums the moment the work is completed. Forget about waiting around until your employees return at the end of the day to update bills. Using iFleet, your documentation is done at precisely the same time as the job!

Adopt a Smarter System

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User-Defined Fields for Customization

We did not develop iFleet to modify how you already operate your company. Instead, we built our HVAC software to streamline your current processes. In all likelihood, your organization monitors special, totally unique details. To accommodate these, we packed iFleet with enough user-defined fields to choke an elephant. Customizations are established at the office and then sent to your technicians' devices as seamlessly as can be.

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Sure, you can run an HVAC business without Smart Service, but why would you want to? We handle all your administrative needs, and we make sure everything gets recorded back in QuickBooks. If you're doing routing, dispatching, billing, scheduling, workforce tracking, and equipment tracking separately, it's time to smarten up. Put it all together with Smart Service.

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